Rome // pt 1

In September 2017 we took a trip to Italy. It was nothing short of Love.  Cobblestone alleys littered with tourists you could spot a mile away... and local Italians you could also spot from a mile away.  Mostly because the rest of the world dresses like slobs compared to the Italians.  Every corner was more beautiful than the next.  The art and architecture was so old, but so vibrant and powerful.  We arrived to rain in the middle of a drought, but that only seems fitting with our luck.  Still, it was beautiful to see Rome in the rain.  Walking the streets, umbrellas up, soaking it all in.  We walked for miles and miles, each day, getting lost in the beauty of the city.

I invite you to get lost with me.  From Rome - Florence - Venice - Positano and back up to Rome. 

Take a walk with me on this journey.

First stop: