Fire Island

Recently we took a trip to New York for a long weekend.  However, this wasn't the typical New York trip.  No skyscrapers.  No big city chaos. No yellow littering the streets.  In fact, there were no cars at all on the island.  

So as soon as we landed, we went to the ferry,  which takes you over to Fire Island.  When we arrived we were greeted by people waving from the dock. Others smiled and waved not knowing anybody.  A little paradise for everyone that was arriving.  Boardwalks act as small streets for the island.  A grid system of modern, woodsy, homes secluded by trees and wildlife, but visible enough to appreciate the architectural beauty of each house.  There were no cars on the island and you could walk from the bayside to the Atlantic Ocean within 5 minutes... we did that alot.  

Our time was filled with Pina Coladas and barbecue, swimming in the backyard salt water pool, then swimming in the slightly saltier Atlantic Ocean.  Just some good ol' fashion R&R with the fam.