Vinyl Palace Music Shoot



Model: Diana Karvelis

Make-up: Laoise Rubio

A Letter to a Friend

There is something very special about a handwritten note.  Every letter written, whether it’s with the staccato rhythm of print or the continuous flow of cursive, allows each word to embody its writer.  A loved one’s penmanship brings comforting familiarity; it allows you to hear their voice no matter how far away they are. A stranger’s handwriting can spark a feeling of connection before you’ve even met. The intrinsic personality that comes with one’s handwriting turns a piece of paper into something more precious — a tangible artifact of someone’s feelings. By pairing each subject with their handwriting, I hope to create more wholistic portraits that no camera can capture on its own. 

Thank you to everyone who opened up and wrote something special for this very personal project.


Model: Sarah Chledowski

Make-up: Laoise Rubio

Retoucher: Ruben Ortiz

Travel + Leisure Magazine


Buonincontro Wedding

Ross & Adriana


Levi's Redesign

The Punch

I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot for The Punch, while they shot their music video for a new song called "Spirit is broken". It was loud and it rocked!  Enjoy!   

Seven Deadly Sins

For centuries, The Seven Deadly Sins have served as a warning to humankind.

Pride. Lust. Gluttony. Greed. Sloth. Wrath. Envy.

From our earliest understanding of right and wrong, we’re taught to resist these temptations; to choose good and turn away from evil.  But we all have our vices.  

The images you’ll see here dive head-first into depravity. Seduced by the siren call of The Sins, we attempted to capture the essence of immorality in seven distinct makeup looks.

With each representation, let yourself turn a little further from goodness and embrace the beauty that dwells in the darkness.

They say a little bit of makeup can hide a multitude of sins. Turns out, just a little more can unleash them.

Seven Deadly Sins 

Photographer& Videographer: Stan Nalewski

Makeup Artist: Laoise Rubio

Model: Claire Randall

Retoucher: Ruben Ortiz

Producer: Sarah Corapi

Women's March Chicago


I write this as I listen to 2pac - Keep Ya Head Up.  Unfortunately, still a relevant song and a fitting anthem.

Today, 250,000 people came out in support, flooding the streets and taking over Michigan Ave.  And although the problems stem from frustration and anger it was a day of raising women up.  All love to the compassionate, smart, strong women.  What a powerful day.

Keep ya head up.  Ooh child, things are gonna get easier.  Ooh child, things'll brighter.   


Florence // pt 1

Pure art!  The entire city was just an immersion of it.  From magnificent churches and museums, to a leather school and The David it was a display of creative greatness.  Seeing, Michelangelo's, The David was angelic.  Almost as impressive was the unfinished works he left us.  A row of unfinished sculptures lined The David, giving us a peek into the process of how Michelangelo crafted his masterpieces.  One of my favorite stops without a doubt.  

Second Stop:


Rome // pt 2

You could spend days getting lost in there.  The beauty could bring you to tears.  Walking through you quickly find out the Italians definitely do not believe in the old, "less is more" saying.  Probably one of the most beautiful sights I will see.  Then again, I feel like I kept saying that about every place we visited in Italy. 

From our time at St. Peter's.  

Rome // pt 1

In September 2017 we took a trip to Italy. It was nothing short of Love.  Cobblestone alleys littered with tourists you could spot a mile away... and local Italians you could also spot from a mile away.  Mostly because the rest of the world dresses like slobs compared to the Italians.  Every corner was more beautiful than the next.  The art and architecture was so old, but so vibrant and powerful.  We arrived to rain in the middle of a drought, but that only seems fitting with our luck.  Still, it was beautiful to see Rome in the rain.  Walking the streets, umbrellas up, soaking it all in.  We walked for miles and miles, each day, getting lost in the beauty of the city.

I invite you to get lost with me.  From Rome - Florence - Venice - Positano and back up to Rome. 

Take a walk with me on this journey.

First stop: